Atletix Horse 120 daily doses

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Made in Sweden

Based on Nobel Prize-winning discovery

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Atletix Horse is a completely natural and withdrawal-free feed supplement. Based on Nobel Prize-winning research concerning the body's circulatory system. The feed supplement is Swedish-developed with manufacturing in Sweden with strict quality controls and high standards and comes from the Swedish family company Bioconcept.

The feed supplement Atletix Horse contains the amino acids L-Arginine and L-Citrulline which are the building blocks for the body to form Nitric Oxide. Nitrate , which is found in our beetroot extract , is also the third known building block for the body to form Nitric Oxide. These three together with rose root extract are Atletix Horse.


Analytical constituents: Per giva:

  • L-Arginine 15% - 1.2g
  • L-Citrulline 15% - 1.2g
  • Rose root extract 10% - 0.8g
  • Beetroot extract 10% - 0.8g
  • Maltodextrin 36% - 2.9g
  • Microcrystalline cellulose 14% - 1.1g

Crude protein 51%, Vegetable fiber 12.1%, Crude oil and crude fat <0.1%, Crude ash 2.8%, Sodium 0.04%, Nitrate content 0.24%


Complementary feed for horses. Added in daily feed morning and evening. Dosage: Starter dose/Booster dose: 2-4 scoops. Given for about 7 days. Standard dose: 1-2 scoops. 15ml (8g) scoop included. Contains about 130 gifts. (approx. 2 months consumption)

    Atletix Horse 120 daily doses
    Atletix Horse 120 daily doses
    Atletix Horse 120 daily doses
    Free shipping in Sweden
    Made in Sweden
    Nobel Prize-winning discovery


    "I have been using Atletix Horse since the beginning of 2010 on a number of horses. I have seen recovery speed up and injuries and general problems significantly reduced. Brioni is a good example of that. The most recent use has been on a number of horses with cruciate paralysis problems . After only a few weeks of use, we could see great improvements in several of the horses where the problems disappeared and the mobility and springiness improved significantly. I'm quite skeptical about feed supplements in general but I can't ignore Atletix Horse making a difference."


    "I'm on my second jar now and wow what a difference! I've always had a problem with curre's squishy legs, especially one in the back where he's had a ligament and clevis injury for a few years now. His legs have never looked so good on morning as now. Both me and my trainer see a difference and I will definitely continue to use Atletix Horse."


    "I came for a return visit to one of my customers whose horse had been mute in the lumbar spine for a long time, the differences when I went through the horse were super big so of course I was curious as to what was different. The owners had neither changed the saddle nor changed anything else in the horse's environment. However, they had started feeding the horse with Atletix Horse - from a rather heavy and tough pony with swollen legs and a stiff back to dry legs and a noticeable difference in the fascia (connective tissue) in the lower back. That result piqued my curiosity and now that I read more about the research behind it, I can't wait to see what other ways this supplement can do good for the horses."


    "Our horse Little Bad Girl "Lady" sustained a fork ligament injury in the fall of 2019 after a trauma in the paddock. Lady was rehabilitated in clinic with repeated laser treatment and shock wave treatment combined with short walks on hard ground. A year later the injured tendon was still swollen and warm .We heard about ATLETIX Horse through an acquaintance and since we felt there was nothing to lose we wanted to try it. After 10 days of use the swelling and heat in the injured area was significantly reduced. After another 10 days the swelling and heat were basically gone .We have continued to give Lady ATLETIX Horse and despite tough loads in the form of regular showjumping, the injury and the leg are kept in check.We now give it to all our horses for preventive purposes.Another effect is that we have seen a markedly improved hoof quality on one of our older ponies.Before Viper started the powder his hoof quality was a constant problem for farriers.Today after five months of use he is being praised for his good hoof quality and good growth rate. Another advantage is the good taste, which means that the horses eat a dosed amount of ATLETIX Horse without any problems"

    Mia &amp; Love Demburg